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Big Mountain Med-Spa is a sister company to Big-Mountain Chiropractic.  Dr. Kanyon Smith has served the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas through Big Mountain Chiropractic since 2001.  Personal experience and years of patient care revealed to Dr. Smith the  tremendous impact that extra weight put on the musculo-skeletal system.  In an effort to assist clients in living their best lives, Dr. Smith began to seek out a weight loss program that could be implemented into his practice.  In the spring of 2019 Big Mountain Chiropractic began a weight loss program, in conjunction with Lipo-Melt red light technology, that has helped patients begin

Our Philosophy

We cater to clients who aspire to restore, enhance and preserve their natural beauty.  Our mission is to help you achieve a natural look by providing top of the line services, products, and support.  The services we provide are minimally invasive, allowing you to return to work on the same day, leaving everyone around you wondering how you manage your natural glow.  When utilizing our services you will receive the highest quality treatment performed by skilled professionals using the latest medical technology.  Let us help you attain, freedom, confidence, and your outer glow!

to take back control of their weight and of their lives. Simply put, this weight loss program helps to reset the endocrine systems of the body while the unique wavelength of light emitted by the Lipo-Melt red light machine helps release the stored fat from the fat cells of the body enabling patients to flush it away naturally.  Patients saw inches of loss in their first red light treatment as well as significant weight loss with they endocrine reset weight loss system.  As a side benefit, the red lights helped reduce cosmetic skin issues, like stretch marks and wrinkles, by increasing the skin’s natural collagen supply.  

It was this desire to help patients live in freedom and confidence that the idea for Big Mountain Med-Spa was formed.  As a company we strive to combine pampering spa treatments and products with minimally-invasive medical-grade technologies and procedures in order to provide visible results. 

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6446 Highway 93 South Whitefish, Montana  59937

Hours:  Monday–Wednesday: 7:45 am–6:00 pm   Thursday: 7:45 am–5:00 pm  Friday & Saturday by appointment Closed Sunday

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