Body Sculpting & Weight Loss

Lipo-Melt Red Light Therapy

Losing weight and fat is one of the most common health goals, both for medical and cosmetic reasons. Few of us would turn down losing a few pounds or cutting back on some fat here or there.  The unique wavelength of red light provided by our Lipo-Melt Red Light Therapy helps release the stored fat from your fat cells so your body can flush it away naturally.  Unlike many solutions promoted for weight-loss, red light therapy is a safe, natural, and noninvasive option to becoming healthier and more fit.

Blueprint to Weight Loss

We believe that your weight issue is not an isolated problem but rather multi-dimensional and often complex.  Engaging all tools available to us and passing them to you as our patients is our goal. We strive to use a 360 degree treatment approach from medication management to special diets, nutritional counseling and non-invasive, non- surgical cosmetic procedures that target stubborn fat removal with Lipo-Melt Red Light Therapy.  Blueprint is an easy to follow weight loss, detoxification, and healthy living program that is very effective.  In fact, we are seeing people lose between half a pound and a pound of fat a day. Our program provides a 3D body scan, contour light body sculpting, a 24/7 support app to track intake, body metrics, and activity as well as sending daily emails with video information, education, and recipe ideas.  Patients who follow the program and process are losing up to 20 pounds in 30 days.

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